Stab - rapier combat

Rapier / fencing is a subtle sword fighting style which is fought with fine steel or metal (blunt) swords.

This style of fighting uses various types of metal blades and modified modern fencing equipment to recreate civilian combat from the late 1400s through to the end of the SCA period (1600).

Our style of fencing differs from modern Olympic style in our use of slicing cuts, secondary weapons such as daggers, extra swords, cloaks, etc. It also allows fighters to circle their opponents - we are not restricted to back-and-forth linear movement.

As well as safety and consideration for our fellow rapier fighters, the ideals of honour, courtesy and chivalry are important to us.

Hits are determined by the honour system, based on recognition of the blows received. However, the blows in rapier fighting are not struck with nearly as much force as heavy or armoured combat.

fencing - reduced

Practice sessions

Weekly rapier / fencing training and practice sessions are held on Wednesday evenings at Elmwood.

For further information, please contact the Darton Marshal  for the address and other details at

Please also see our Facebook page for notifications regarding Fencing training sessions