About Darton

The Shire of Darton is the Wellington region branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) in New Zealand.

We are part of SCA NZ, which is the not-for-profit incorporated society in New Zealand that’s affiliated to the originating SCA Inc in the United States.

Darton is committed to recreating the best parts of pre-17th Century life – we’re not keen on getting the plague, we like chocolate and wearing glasses, and we do not tolerate racism.

Our members attend feasts, revels, balls, tournaments, and encampments, where they engage in diverse activities such as fighting and armouring, costuming and embroidery, dancing and singing, calligraphy and illumination, cooking and brewing, metalwork and carpentry, rapier combat and archery.

We are a family friendly group.  Where practical, participation by our younger members is encouraged, although for archery and combat, age restrictions do apply.

Covid Precautions as at September 2022

The SCA Kingdom of Lochac Covid Response plan can be found online here. Covid precautions for each SCA event hosted by Darton will be included with information about the event. For our regular activities, the Darton practice is to continue wearing masks when indoors.

Family - reduced