Upcoming Events

All activities are subject to New Zealand Covid-19 requirements and the Kingdom of Lochac Covid-19 Response Plan.

At Darton events and activities, mask wearing is required when indoors. Masks are not required outside.

January 2023

Shire Day Saturday 14 January

"Saint Fixit's Day" is a day for repairing or finishing SCA projects before Canterbury Faire. This will take place at Elmwood (email dartonseneschal@gmail.com if you need directions).


Tournament of the Killer Shark

Saturday 18 February at Elmwood, from 10am to 5pm.

Catered lunch provided.

Cost: Members $10, non-Members aged 18+ $12, Non-Members aged 13-17 $10, Children aged 5-12 $5, Children under 5 free admission.

Please pay by Wednesday 15 February by bank deposit to SCA (NZ) - SHIRE OF DARTON 38-9016-0732434-00. Please include a name we can identify you by.

Event Steward: Miles Warde (grand.vizier@gmail.com)

Heavy Combat tournament lists open at 10.30m, tournament starts 11am. Rapier Combat tournament lists open 1.30pm, tournament starts 2pm.


A combat archery activity will be organised for a Sunday archery practice.