Eat & drink

Eating and drinking are an essential part of life, and these can enhance your experience of an event.


Exploring historical foods and recipes can be fun.

Some people enjoy researching the foods and ingredients that were available, and how they were used both in cooking and in medicine. Others enjoy the experience of eating different combinations, textures and flavours that are not ordinarily included in their modern diet.

The basic rule with SCA food is that foods that were not in general use in western Europe before 1600 are discouraged - including tomatoes, potatoes, capsicum peppers, pecans and chocolate. However, you will find the ‘essentials’ of tea, coffee and chocolate at events (life cannot be lived, by some, without these).

Our group does not limit itself to western Europe, if you are researching a particular area such as Mongolia, Japan, China or Asia, and particular foods were available during the required time period.


Cooking at events depends on the interest levels and the type of event.

Most events that we attend are either catered or self-catered, and have kitchen facilities. However, it is possible to cook completely period dishes over a campfire - it takes time, but not necessarily specialised equipment or ingredients. We do recommend doing your research beforehand!

Cooking - reduced


The feast is generally the evening meal, and can be planned as the highlight of an event.

The epitome of modern SCA feast cooking is a collection of heavily-researched medieval dishes prepared by volunteer cooking staff, served in numerous courses, to a number of diners.


Along with food, we can recreate period beverages. This can include mead (made from honey), ciders (from various fruits), beers and non-alcoholic drinks.

In the SCA many modern methods are used in the process of learning the techniques and science behind making drinks. We also research period techniques and recipes.

If you want to brew, what you make is entirely up to you. Don’t worry if you have never done anything like this before, you’ll find many knowledgeable people to offer whatever help and hints you needed to assist you.

Practice sessions

In Darton, we are lucky to have a few people who are particularly wonderful cooks, and we enjoy excellent feasts and meals at our events. We also have a few experimental brewers within our group.

Further contacts within our kingdom can be found at the Lochac Cooks' Guild.