Greetings, and welcome!

Welcome to the Shire of Darton. Darton is the Wellington, New Zealand, branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), a world-wide society that recreates the better parts of pre-17th century life.

What sets the SCA apart from other groups? It is the opportunity and encouragement to not just study the theory, but to try the practical skills yourself.

Our members attend feasts, revels, balls, tournaments, and encampments, where they engage in diverse activities such as fighting and armouring, costuming and embroidery, dancing and singing, calligraphy and illumination, cooking and brewing, metalwork and carpentry, rapier combat and archery.

For regular weekly meetings, please see the Calendar.

For information in Darton Anniversary 25-27 AUgust 2023, click here.