New to the SCA

“I’m new to the SCA – so what’s all this about, then?”

The SCA attempts to recreate various aspects of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

We do this through research and making medieval and renaissance clothing and equipment. We hold feasts, tournaments, and revels (parties), where we dress in medieval or Renaissance clothing, eat medieval or Renaissance food, and attempt to recreate the feeling of a medieval atmosphere and generally have fun.

One way to get into the medieval feeling is to create a ‘persona’, and play-act as them at events. A persona is a fictional character who could have lived in (or visited) a particular time and place in the medieval or Renaissance era.

Many “SCAdians” have a persona, and use this as a basis for their research.

The minimum requirements for participation are:

  1. an attempt at pre-1600 clothing, and
  2. to treat all other participants with courtesy and respect.

Want to contact us / come along to one of our events? Email our Seneschal.

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Want to know more about what the SCA do? Visit the SCA newcomers site (for the whole Society). There are also many excellent websites; a particularly good one is Living in the Current Middle Ages.