May Crown 2019

10-12 May, 2019
Brookfields Outdoor Education Center, Wanuiomata, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
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 Be it known that the Shire of Darton, the innermost group in the Crescent Isles of Lochac, will host a May Crown tournament in the year of the Society two score and fourteen.
Famed throughout Lochac for its hospitality, the Shire will host a display of chivalric and honourable combat, that gentles from across the Kingdom may display their prowess before Their Majesties, that they may choose their heirs.
The event will focus on the 13th Century Franco-Mongol alliance. There will be a grand feast cooked on an open fire, and the Bear House tavern will re-open its doors for the event.
The Kingdom boasts fine artisans, courteous gentles, and gallant combatants. There will be displays of skill and prowess in Rapier combat and target archery. There will be an Arts and Sciences display, with the opportunity for entry into the Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition.
For clarification: the "child" cost is charged to any individual aged 3-17 at the time of the event. Anyone under 3 is free.
All prices are in New Zealand dollars and include onsite accommodation. There is a limit of 110 hard accommodation spaces.
Friday evening food and breakfast on Saturday and Sunday are included in the booking.
Please note - for minors it is cheaper to book at the "Full event" rate than to daytrip for both days.
Adult, full event (including feast): $110
Child, full event (including feast): $65 (under 3 years old free)
Day trip (including lunch): $30
Day trip (including lunch and feast): $55
SCA non-member levy: $2
Paypal fee: $4 (Please note - Paypal payments are only available only to people who do not have a New Zealand bank account)
Late fees will start on the 10th of March (2 months prior to the event). The booking form will be updated with the new prices automatically after the 10th of March.
More than 2 months out: no penalty
10 March - 10 April: +$10
10 April - 26 April: +$25
26th April - 3 May: +$35
No bookings will be accepted less than a week before the start of the event.
Your stewards for this event are Madeleine de Eyncourt and Magister Lucius Cornelius Gordianus, with the support of the Shire.
Gloria omnis Dartoni
Event date and time: 
Fri, 2019-05-10 17:00 - Sun, 2019-05-12 14:00