May Crown 2019

Now that Rowany festival is behind us, it's two weeks until Crown!
You have one week left to book, as booking will close on the 3rd of May.
The t-shirt is designed! See  for the picture and sizing guides. Please email to place an order.
The web store is not live for orders now, only viewing the sizing/colour options. All items currently on offer are $30.00
Many, many thanks to Baroness Kazamira for the amazing original artwork.

There will be a photographer on site. He will be offering portrait shots for a small fee.

Site info:
There will be a dog on site.
There is very little phone reception on site, and no internet access. (A ten minute drive off site will get you internet bars).
Please email if you'd like to borrow bedding. The site provides mattresses and the roof over your head, and it can get very cold in Wellington in May.

10-12 May, 2019
Brookfields Outdoor Education Center, Wanuiomata, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
Bookings are now open!
Book using this Google form.
Please complete one booking form per person attending.
A confirmation email will be sent with payment details once we have received your booking.
If you have any questions, please contact
 Be it known that the Shire of Darton, the innermost group in the Crescent Isles of Lochac, will host a May Crown tournament in the year of the Society two score and fourteen.
Famed throughout Lochac for its hospitality, the Shire will host a display of chivalric and honourable combat, that gentles from across the Kingdom may display their prowess before Their Majesties, that they may choose their heirs.
The event will focus on the 13th Century Franco-Mongol alliance. There will be a grand feast cooked on an open fire, and the Bear House tavern will re-open its doors for the event.
The Kingdom boasts fine artisans, courteous gentles, and gallant combatants. There will be displays of skill and prowess in Rapier combat and target archery. There will be an Arts and Sciences display, with the opportunity for entry into the Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition.
For clarification: the "child" cost is charged to any individual aged 3-17 at the time of the event. Anyone under 3 is free.
All prices are in New Zealand dollars and include onsite accommodation. There is a limit of 110 hard accommodation spaces.
Friday evening food and breakfast on Saturday and Sunday are included in the booking.
Please note - for minors it is cheaper to book at the "Full event" rate than to daytrip for both days.
Adult, full event (including feast): $110
Child, full event (including feast): $65 (under 3 years old free)
Day trip (including lunch): $30
Day trip (including lunch and feast): $55
SCA non-member levy: $2
Paypal fee: $4 (Please note - Paypal payments are only available only to people who do not have a New Zealand bank account)
Late fees will start on the 10th of March (2 months prior to the event). The booking form will be updated with the new prices automatically after the 10th of March.
More than 2 months out: no penalty
10 March - 10 April: +$10
10 April - 26 April: +$25
26th April - 3 May: +$35
No bookings will be accepted less than a week before the start of the event.
Your stewards for this event are Madeleine de Eyncourt and Magister Lucius Cornelius Gordianus, with the support of the Shire.
Gloria omnis Dartoni
Update: April 9, 2019
May Crown is booking up fast! We have over 110 people booked, and just 25 bunks left available.
For those who haven't already booked, please do! The next price rise is tomorrow, then there are only three weeks left to book.
For those who have booked but haven't yet paid, please do!
For those who have booked and paid, thank you! I look forward to seeing you in a month :) 
Their Majesties have called for letters of intent. Please send these to no later than Saturday the 4th of May at 11pm (AEST).  

Please consider sending Their Majesties award recommendations. The sooner they get them the better! See for more information.

Those who have requested transport to and from site, please get us your flight details ASAP. 
Feast gear and bedding available for loan!
Please contact if you would like to borrow feast gear or bedding. First preference will be given to those travelling a long distance, as we have limited amounts of each available.

It has been a cold start to Autumn, so consider bringing your heavy wool garb. The site can get very cold overnight.

Draft timetable: (subject to change until later than the last minute, at Their Majesties discretion)

Friday (ungarbed)
1600 Site open, gate opens; chores open
1800 Dinner 

0800 Breakfast
1000 Invocation / Opening Court
1030 Crown Tourney
1200 lunch (buffet)
1430 Rapier tourney
1430 A&S display and competition/ Broiderers guild competition
1530 Laurel Meeting/ Rapier Guild prizes 
1600 Archery Tourney
1630 Pelican Meeting
1700 singing
1800 Dinner  

0800 Breakfast
0930 Roses tourney
1100 Masters of Defence meeting, Company of Archers meeting
1200 Lunch
1200 Order of the Chivalry meeting
1330 Closing court
1400 site closes


Event date and time: 
Fri, 2019-05-10 17:00 - Sun, 2019-05-12 14:00