Halloween fighting day and Feast!

Come join the member's of Darton on this day of Ghosts and Ghouls! We will start off with heavy combat in the morning at 10am, and segue into rapier combat in the afternoon.  Lunch will be potluck - bring something to share. There is no charge for attendance during the day. In the evening there will be a feast, cooked by Jay Jenkins, The evening feast is garbed, and costs $25,for adult SCA members, or $27 for adult non-sca members or $10 for children that eat small person portions, $0 for children that basically don't require feeding. Please book by emailing me: argentbearnz@gmail.com. Payments to 38-9016-0732434-00 with Halloween and your name in the comments. The feast will be garbed. Please, if you would like to attend but don't have garb, let Master Bernard Sterling know with your booking email, and we will try and line you up with someone that can lend you some clothes, likewise feastgear. It's been a long hard year in many regards, and some fun and fellowship and good food seems in order, and I'd really love to see as many of you as would like to come there. Location - Elmwood.  If you do not know where this is (private residence - so will not be on Google maps) - Please contact Master Bernard Sterling for directions and if you have any questions. 

Event date and time: 
Sat, 2020-10-31 10:00 - 20:00