Arts and Sciences

Introduction to SCA Arts and Sciences (A&S)

Greetings, and welcome again.

Arts and Sciences meetings are held every Wednesday from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm in Tawa.

Contact for more information.


Arts and Sciences evenings are where the Shire of Darton teaches, learns, discusses and does Medieval and Renaissance arts and sciences.

Any art or craft of the Medieval or Renaissance period can be recreated in the SCA.  

The Shire of Darton encompasseth students of Medieval or Renaissance:

archery, art history, brewing, book binding, calligraphy, carpentry, cooking, dancing, dress making,

embroidery, event management, history, languages, leather working, life style, literature, martial arts,

music, oven making, poetry, riding, rope making, shoe making, singing, smithing, tailoring, tent making, theatre, warfare and weaving.